Blackall Multipurpose Sport & Recreation Association Inc Blackall Multipurpose Sport & Recreation Association Inc

The Blackall Multipurpose Sport & Recreation Association Inc has provided valuable assistance to many small local sporting and recreational clubs.  This assistance has been a varity of sporting, catering and gardening equipment, infrastructure, storage and training programs, as well as assistance with events. 

The Association would like to acknowledge and thank the following funding programs for their ongoing assistance and support;

Gambling Community Benefit Fund

Jupiters Casino Community Benefit Fund

Office of Sport & Recreation Queensland

Foundation for Rural & Regional Renewal

Telstra Country Wide

Department of Innovation & Information Economy


To provide, promote and progress sport and recreation in Blackall by the formation of a cohesive group.  This group aims to maximise Council funding as well as gain full support of Council and Community, by developing and providing better communications, coaching, training opportunities and facilities by not duplicating. 


The Blackall Multipurpose Sport & Recreation Association was formed in August 1999, through open community meetings.  The group began a process of planning to identify what their needs were.  This plan resulted in the "Community Sports Development Plan". 

The Association identified 5 key issues that are integral to the development of sport and recreation activities and events.  These key issues are;  Events, Storage, Equipment, Training and Capital Infrastructure.


The Association was formed to become an umbrella group for the individual sporting and recreational groups in Blackall.  Each member benefits from becoming a member. The Association assists in gaining financial assistance from local and external resources.

The funding that is available is utilised within the 5 key issues, these issues define the areas in which the clubs are lacking support and development.  We also provide administration assistance to all member clubs and assist in promotion and advertising of sport and recreation events and activities.


Below is a list of the current club members within the Blackall Multipurpose Sport & Recreation Association;

  • Barcoo Amateur Race Club
  • Barcoo Pastoral Society
  • Blackall Allbreeds Performance Horse Club
  • Blackall Bowls Club Inc
  • Blackall Clay Target Club
  • Blackall Golf Club Inc
  • Blackall Junior Rugby League
  • Blackal Netball Association
  • Blackall Pistol Club Inc
  • Blackall Pony Club Inc
  • Blackall Senior Rugby League
  • Blackall Amateur Swimming Association
  • Blackall Tennis Club Inc
  • Blackall Volleyball Club
  • Cone Break Pony Club
  • Rotary Club of Blackall Inc

For any information concerning the Blackall Multipurpose Sport & Recreation Association please contact  the following:

Kim Trickett
PO Box 21
108 Shamrock Street
Lorelei Kiernan
PO Box 117
Phone: (07) 4657 4440Phone: (07) 4657 6403
Fax: (07) 4657 4989 Fax: (07) 4657 6732
Mobile: 0458 709 680