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What is Climate Change?

Climate change is the result of changes in our weather patterns because of an increase in the Earth's average temperature. This is caused by increases in greenhouse gases in the Earth's atmosphere. These gases soak up heat from the sun but instead of the heat leaving the earth's atmosphere, some of it is trapped, making the Earth warmer. Climate change is also known as global warming.

Can we believe?

All predictions are based on models used by International Organisations and Federal Government.  As in all predictive models there are questions about the quality of information and assumptions being used. Some industry groups are questioning these models and assumptions.

Predictions for Queensland

  • Since 1950 temperature has risen by 0.9C
  • Predictions are for temperatures to be hotter by 1C by 2030
  • By the year 2070 temperatures are expected to rise by 1.7°c in coastal Queensland and 3C on inland areas.
  • Reduction in frosts
  • More extreme weather events, droughts, cyclones and floods.

    Western Queensland Issues
  • Warming is predicted to be greatest in this region
  • More severe droughts and heatwaves but increased rainfall intensity when it does rain
  • Drying projected to continue
  • Increased Evaporation.

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