Emergency Information Emergency Information

Poisons Information Centre 13 11 26
Police Station Tambo - (07)4652 5116 or (07)4652 5117  or Police Link 131 444
Police Station Blackall - (07) 4657 4200 or Police Link 131 444
State Emergency Services (SES) - 13 25 00
Tambo Primary Health Centre - (07) 4621 7100
Blackall Hospital - (07) 4650 7700


Blackall-Tambo Regional Council (07) 4621 6600
Manager of Works 0427 574 298
Coordinator Essential Services 0488 574 258
Water & Sewerage Supervisor - Blackall 0458 709 680
Water Officer - Tambo 0439 532 155
Aquatic Centres
Blackall (07) 4657 4975
Tambo (07) 4654 6237
Blackall Saleyards & Spelling Facilities
David & Deanne Carter (07) 4657 4887
0428 574 887
State Emergency Services
Blackall 132500
Tambo 132500





Fire Location Queensland

Residents can stay informed about Vegetation fires in Queensland with the FREE fire location App for iPhone

This App allows the user to determine their distance from a vegetation fire in Queensland and includes important information such as WATCH and ACT

messages via data sourced directly from Queensland Fire and Rescue (QFES)




Place-Based Purchasing Trial for Primary Producer Brigades now open in Blackall/Tambo Regional Council 

A grant process is now available to Primary Producer Brigades within the Blackall Tambo Regional Council Area (refer list below) allowing them to complete a simple application form to apply for funds to access locally sourced equipmentand services that are not supplied on the RFS free stores list. These requests for locally supplied equipment and services will be presented to a committee consisting of a Superintendent Rural Fire Servies (RFS); Area Director, Barcaldine and Emerald, RFS, two representatives from eligible PPBs and two Council representatives.

This will allow brigades to access extra community defence equipment and services, withour the rigour of each bridgade having and individual bank account and treasurer. A secondary benefit is that the money will be spent at local businesses. The RFBAQ instigated this initative in 2014 and have tested the community need with the 2016 QFES/RFBAQ PPB Community Defence Grants Programme and the 2017 RFBAQ PPB Roadshow.

To have QFES adopt adn trial this scheme in Western Queensland shows the renewed support from RFS for he 50% of Rural Fire Brigades who are classified as PPB's.

Attached for you information is a copy of a letter to eligable Brigade Secretaries (PPB's in Blackall/Tambo Regional Council Area only) Attached for your information is a copy of a letter to eligible Brigade Secretaries.

A copy of thr grant funding application form is available here (Trial os for PPB's in Blackall/Tambo Regional Council Area only) A copy of the grant funding application form is available here.

Closing dates for applicaiton are:

Round 1 Closing Date: 31 January 2019

Round 2 Closing Date: 30 April 2019

List of Eligible Brigades:

Blackwater RFB

Caldervale RFB

Champion RFB

Duthie Park RFB

Eastwood RFB

Elizabeth Creek RFB

Goonadee RFB

Greendale RFB

Hermit RFB

Isis RFB

Lilydale RFb

Mexico RFB

Middle Creek RFB

Tarves RFB

Terrick Terrick RFB

Toolmaree RFB

Ward Road RFB

Windeyer RFB

Wooroolah RFB