Animal Registration and Permits Animal Registration and Permits

All animals in a public place must be under effective control at all times. It is advisable that all animals in the town be readily identifiable by wearing their Council tag. Council Officers may issue on the spot fines for owners of dogs or impound animals that are not under effective control, or violate other provisions of the local law.

Keeping a pet is a big responsibility. Improperly controlled dogs or cats can cause many problems in urban areas around town, including noise nuisances, unwanted litters, injury to other animals and themselves while they are also a threat to native wildlife and the general public. Substantial fines are available to Council should dog problems arise.

All dogs over three months of age kept in urban areas of Blackall-Tambo Regional Council must be registered. Penalties apply for keepers of unregistered dogs and pound release fees for unregistered dogs are significantly higher. The period of registration is from the 1st July until 30th June the following year. Discounts apply to animals registered on or before 30th August 2018.
There are limits imposed on how many dogs can be kept at certain residences. Check with your local Customer Service Centre to find out how many dogs you may keep on your property.

In residential areas, only two cats are permitted to be kept at a property.

Caged birds which require aviaries or large enclosures may be kept only in compliance with Council's Local Laws.

Other Animals
Other animals consist of horses, cattle, sheep, poultry, goats. To have these in town you are required to have a permit. Conditions apply.

Need more information?
For further information or enquiries about permits and registration fees and discounts available, contact Council on (07) 4621 6600.