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Right to Information / Information Privacy

From 1 July 2009, the Right to Information Act 2009 will replace the Freedom of Information Act 1992 and is part of a broader "push" model of greater proactive and routine release of information.

The Right to Information Act provides a right of access to government information unless, on balance, it is contrary to the public interest to release the information.

Under the Right to Information Act 2009 any person has the right of access to most documents held by Council. Documents held by Council include paper files, print-outs, computer records, files, and visual material.

Blackall-Tambo Regional Council is making it easier for you to access information about Council. This includes information about Council policies, financial reports, public registers and documents relating to Council decisions. Provisions are made for appropriate protection of certain identified information, including personal information.

The new Queensland legislation replacing Freedom of Information (FOI) laws came into effect form 1 July 2009, namely:

The Right to Information Act (RTI) aims to make more government information available to all sectors of the community. The RTI Act is complemented by the Information Privacy Act 2009 (IP Act), which establishes a right to access and to amend personal information.

The Information Privacy Act (IP) guides shows you how you can:

  • Access your personal information
  • Advise Council about any changes or amendments to your personal information.

Information Privacy legislation also guides how government manages your personal information. This aspect of the new legislation will apply to Queensland local governments in July 2010.

Queensland government Gateway on Right to information

Making an Application - 'How do I access information?'

It is strongly recommended you contact Council before submitting an application as the information you require may already be available.

These forms are in pdf format which requires Acrobat Reader to view; this can be downloaded for free from www.adobe.com

Third party Consultation

If the documents requested contain information which may reasonably be expected to be of concern to a government, agency, or relevant third party then the documents may not be released until consultation with the third party occurs.