Superseded Blackall Town Planning Scheme

The planning scheme for the Blackall Shire was adopted on the 14 June 2006 and commenced on the 30 June 2006. The planning scheme was prepared to:

  • Define the planning objectives and outcomes for the local government area,
  • Define applicable development types as exempt, self-assessable or assessable, and
  • Guide and regulate development within the local government area.

For a copy of the planning scheme, please click here.

The local government area is organised into six broad land use allocations or zones. Each zone has a code, which defines the performance criteria and acceptable solutions for development in that area including compatible land uses and land use conditions. The zones include the:

  • Rural zone, which is intended primarily for rural uses and associated activities,
  • Urban zone, which is intended primarily for residential uses,
  • Commercial zone, which is intended primarily for commercial activities,
  • Industrial zone, which is intended primarily for industrial activities,
  • Mixed use zone (intermediate zone between urban and industrial), which is intended for detached houses and small scale industrial uses conducted in association with detached houses, and
  • Open space and recreation zone, which is intended for open space and recreation activities, parks and areas of conservation value.

The planning scheme also contains the Reconfiguring a Lot code, which defines the conditions for reconfiguring a lot including lot sizes, water supply, stormwater disposal, effluent and waste disposal, power and access to a road network.

Council is currently preparing a planning scheme to incorporate the previous Blackall and Tambo local government areas. Once adopted, the planning scheme will become the planning scheme for the Blackall-Tambo area and replace the Blackall Shire and Tambo Shire planning schemes. Opportunities to make submissions on the draft planning scheme will be advertised once the scheme has been approved for public consultation.


Other relevant documentation:

Infrastructure Charges Resolution

Following amendments to the Sustainable Planning Act 2009, existing infrastructure charges resolutions ceased to have effect on the 1 July 2015. To comply with the amended Act, Council adopted an infrastructure charges resolution on the 30 June 2015, which came into effect on the 1 July 2015. The adopted infrastructure charges are calculated at 25% of the maximum adopted infrastructure charge specified under Schedule 1 - Adopted Infrastructure Charges Schedule of the State Planning Regulatory Provision (Adopted Charges) 2012. These charges are levied to assist with the costs of constructing higher order trunk infrastructure, which is planned, funded and provided by the local government and shared between multiple developments. This includes water, sewerage, stormwater and transport infrastructure and parks and community facilities. A copy of the infrastructure charges resolution can be accessed by clicking here. A copy of the resolution is also attached to the back of the planning scheme.

Planning Applications

Planning approval is required for:

  • Material change of use of a premises, including the start of a new use, the re-establishment of a use that has been abandoned, or as the result of a proposed increase in intensity or scale of a use, and
  • Reconfiguring a lot, including subdividing a lot, amalgamating lots or rearranging the boundaries of a lot by registering a plan of subdivision.

Planning approval is obtained from Council. Applications for planning approval require the submission of:

  • IDAS Form 1: Application Details,
  • IDAS Form 5: Material Change of Use Assessable Against a Planning Scheme, or
  • IDAS Form 7: Reconfiguring a Lot, and
  • Additional supporting information identified in IDAS Forms 5 or 7 as ‘mandatory supporting information'.

Planning applications must be accompanied by the payment of the applicable fee at the time of lodgement.