Blackall-Tambo Regional Council 2022-23 Budget


Blackall-Tambo Regional Councillors approved the budget for 2022/2023 at a special meeting held on Wednesday 15th June 2022.  Mayor, Councillor Andrew Martin, said Council is pleased to present a balanced budget which would approve expenditure of $40.3 Million over the 2022–23 period for operational, capital works and services throughout the region. 

Council voted for an increase of 4% in general rates and service charges including water, sewerage and cleansing.  Council has also approved the clearance of all debts.

Council has provided for two discount periods upon issuing of relevant rate notices.  A 15% discount applies if payment is received by Council within 30 days after the issue of rates and a 7.5% discount for the second discount period if payment is received within 45 days after the issue date.

The remission of general rates and services for eligible pensioners remain unchanged.

The capital works program of $8 Million includes renewal and upgrade of community and economic infrastructure, town and rural road works and internal plant replacement program.

Councillor Martin concluded by stating that the current Council will continue to manage assets, improve efficiencies, to continue to create a liveable community now and into the future, noting the strongest financial position for Blackall-Tambo Regional Council in more than a decade.