Blackall Airport - QANTASLINK Timetable Blackall Airport - QANTASLINK Timetable

Blackall-Tambo Regional Council would like to advise customers flying with Qantaslink of the following information which will be strictly enforced:

  • After check in all passengers should remain at the airport
  • Excess baggage is to be paid by credit card only.  No cash will be accepted

Effective 1st April 2019

Current Qantaslink Timetable

Monday - Q400 (74 Seats)
QF2530 Brisbane 12.15pm Blackall 2.10pm
QF2530 Blackall  2.30pm Longreach  3.10pm
QF2531 Longreach  3.35pm Brisbane 5.35pm
Tuesday - Q400 (74 Seats)
QF2532 Brisbane  11.05am Barcaldine 1.00pm
QF2532 Barcaldine  1.35pm Longreach  2.05pm
QF2533 Longreach  2:35pm  Brisbane  4.30pm
Wednesday - Q400 (74 Seats)
QF2532 Brisbane  12.15pm Blackall  2.10pm
QF2532 Blackall  2.30pm Longreach  3.10pm
QF2533 Longreach  3.35pm Brisbane 5.35pm
Thursday - Q400 (74 Seats)
QF2532 Brisbane 11.05am Barcaldine 1.00pm
QF2532 Barcaldine  1.35pm Longreach  2.05pm
QF2533 Longreach  2.35pm Brisbane  4.35pm
Friday - Q400 (74 Seats) 
QF2534 Brisbane 7.45am Blackall  9.40am
QF2534 Blackall  10.05am  Longreach  10.45am
QF2535 Longreach  11.10am  Brisbane  1.10pm
Saturday - Q400 - (74 Seats)
QF2532 Brisbane  7.50am Barcaldine  9.45am
QF2532 Barcaldine  10.10am Longreach  10.45am
QF2533 Longreach  11.10am Brisbane  1.10pm 
Sunday - Q400 (74 Seats)
QF2534 Brisbane  1.45pm Longreach  3.50pm
QF2535 Longreach  4.20pm Brisbane  6.20pm 
  • Checkin required 60 minute prior to depature
  • Passenger & baggage acceptance closes strictly 30 minutes prior to depature
  • Bagge allowance per passenger - 1 check bag at 23kg + 1 carry-on bag at 7kg
    • must fit within Qantas approved test unit
  • Excess charges may apply if you exceed this allowance.

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