Blackall-Tambo Region Road Report Blackall-Tambo Region Road Report

There has been no changes to the current road conditions

  • Blackall-Tambo
  • Blackall-Barcaldine
  • Blackall-Isisford
  • Blackall-Jericho
  • Blackall-Adavale
  • Blackall-Avington
  • Blackall-Tumbar
  • Blackall-Neverfail
  • Blackall-Emmet
  • Tambo-Augathella
  • Tambo-Springsure (Dawson Development)
  • Tambo-Langlo
  • Tambo-Ward
  • Tambo-Alpha

For further information on the conditions of any of these roads please contact the Blackall-Tambo Regional Council on (07) 4621 6600 between 8.22am and 4.45pm Monday to Friday. For information outside of these times please contact Traffic and Travel Information on 13 19 40 or visit their website:    


Please note; This road report is updated every Monday unless there are weather events that warrant more regular updates.