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  • Blackall Kindergarten & Limited Hours Day-care

    76 Thistle Street
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    (07) 4657 4832
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    Our aim at the Blackall Kindergarten and Limited Hours Day-care Centre is to provide a child centred environment where children are able to feel accepted, happy, safe and nurtured. This environment will recognise the importance of play and also be structured so that the necessary skills are developed to prepare the children for lifelong learning. Children will be valued as individual learners, encouraged both to occupy themselves constructively and to see the benefits of co-operating with others. Their imagination, spontaneous thought, eagerness to participate and positive attitude will be valued and encouraged. The children will be actively supported in their learning, provided gentle direction where necessary and encouraged to gradually take responsibility for their own decisions and actions and to feel good about them-selves. Children will be guided along the path towards leading a confident, happy life as an adult who will care about themselves, about other people and their environment. Children are natural explorers and the way they learn about the world and themselves is through ‘PLAY'. They learn best when given the opportunity to interact personally and physically with their environment. We therefore allow them time to experiment, explore, make discoveries and consolidate their learning through many ‘hands on' experiences.