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Purchase Requirements with Council

Council would like to take this opportunity to explain how the VendorPanel program works and its benefits to Suppliers and Council. 

VendorPanel is the name of the program that Council staff use to call for quotes.  Once registered with VendorPanel suppliers will be notified of requests for quotes by email.

Within this program there exists several supplier lists called panels. Council staff have access to these panels to call quotes. 

There are 3 Panels that are available to Council staff: -

Blackall-Tambo Regional Council List consists of the following supplier lists: -

  • Wet/Dry Hire of Plant – This is a pre-qualified supplier list that Council calls for tenders for suppliers to be a part of this panel.  Suppliers must submit a tender through the relevant channels and once these tenders have been accepted by Council, the supplier is invited to join the panel.
  • Trade Services – At the present, this panel consists of the Suppliers within the Blackall-Tambo Regional Council Area that can provide a service to Council.

The weightings for local business categories are listed in Council’s procurement and disposal policy.

LocalBuy List

This consists of panels created and managed by Local Buy Pty Ltd.

This list consists of only pre-qualified suppliers and are available to Council through the VendorPanel program.  LocalBuy Pty Ltd call for tenders for these lists.


Marketplace has been designed to provide a list of suppliers to the users of VendorPanel.  This list is Australia-Wide; however, Council can select all local businesses that may supply the product or service required.

This list is driven by the Supplier, as the business owners are responsible for selecting as many or as few categories as they like.

It is very simple and free to register, and Council strongly encourages all suppliers to register.  If a supplier is not registered in any of the Supplier Lists within VendorPanel they may not receive quote requests.

If you are having difficulty in registering or have any questions relating to the program or process, please don’t hesitate to contact the Blackall Administration Office on 4621 6600 or

How to Register - MarketPlace

Please register at to ensure your business details are added to the VendorPanel MarketPlace system. From here you can select as many categories as you wish to receive quotes for.

If you are new to VendorPanel please follow the procedure below: -

  1. As a supplier you can register on the VendorPanel MarketPlace website
  2. Choose your business category, enter your name and email. You will then be emailed an invitation to join VendorPanel Marketplace.
  3. Fill in your business profile and your registration will be complete.
  4. Select the categories that you wish to receive quotes for.