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Think Smart Plant Smart

Plant Smart is a vegetation management program developed by Ergon Energy and Greening Australia to educate the community on planting appropriate trees under and around powerlines.

The Blackall-Tambo Regional Council is leading the way by actively participating in the Plant Smart program to help you choose the right plants for planting near powerlines. With assistance from Ergon Energy and Greening Australia, Council has identified a list of native plants suitable for planting under powerlines within the region.

This ensures that the trees won't grow into powerlines, potentially disrupting the power supply to you and your neighbours and bringing live powerlines to the ground in a storm or windy conditions. It also ensures Ergon Energy's tree management contractors won't have to remove a tree that you've come to love.

This information has been made available in a small brochure funded through Ergon Energy's Plant Smart program. The brochure identifies a number of suitable native species that will not grow taller than Ergon's stipulated maximum height of 4 metres for plants growing under powerlines. 

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