Animal Registrations

Animal Registration 

The registration fees for the year are as follows:

  • Entire Dog: $60.00
  • Desexed Dog: $20.00
  • Desexed Dogs (Aged Pensioner Concession applies): $10.00
  • Declared Dangerous Dog: $1000.00
  • Menacing Dogs: $500.00

Direct Deposit is not accepted for payment of animal registrations 

Additional Animals

The number of dogs allowed to be kept on any property within the town area is two (2). Prior to having a new additional dog/s (more than 2) at your residence, you MUST submit an application to Council. An application fee of $150.00 is required when submitting the form. The application is subject to approval.

Additional Animal Permit fees to keep more than two (2) dogs: -

  • Application for each additional animal: $150.00 non-refundable
  • Annual renewal of each additional animal: $120.00

Other Animal Permits (Horse, Cattle, Sheep, Goats) Check the Local Laws for requirements

You should check Council's Local Laws if you wish to keep these animals in the town area. If the Local Laws allow these animals to be kept in the town area an application must be made to Council. Permit Fees – 1 year $40.00.

Please note that the application will be assessed against Council's Local Laws. 

Registration and Microchipping

All dogs aged 12 weeks and over must be registered with Council.

Registering your dog helps Council reunite you with your pet if it is impounded, or to notify you in case of an accident. Registration fees also enable Council to deliver a wide range of animal management services such as the pound, dog patrols and community information about responsible pet ownership.

Council offers discounted registration for desexed dogs ($20.00). Proof of desexing is required, either by supplying a copy of the desexing certificate or a written letter from your vet.

Out and About with Your Dog

When out walking, dog owners should take a bag, trowel, pooper scooper or container to collect and dispose of their dog's droppings. Not only is it unpleasant and unhealthy not to pick up after your pet, it is also a breach of the Local Laws. 

Lost Pets 

If your pet is missing., check the latest listing of impounded pets on Council's website, Facebook page or contact Council by telephone. To release an animal from Council's pound you will be require to:

  • Provide officers with satisfactory prooof of your identity
  • Pay all impoundment fess owing Impoundment fees are calculated on a daily basis
  • Provide proof of current animal registration if applicable. If proof of registration is not provided, registration fees will be required to be paid in addition to impoundment fees. 

Animal Complaints

Pets are welcome in the Blackall-Tambo Region but, like all good residents, they must obey the rules. Pet owners must ensure their animals do not create a nuisance or hazard to others, as attacks can lead to serious penalties and restrictions. If you have been attacked or worried by a dog, contact Council immediately. This will enable officers to respond quickly to secure the offending dog, should it still be wandering at large. If you are having other problems with an animal – such as a wandering dog, excessive barking, a very noisy bird or excessive animals being kept on premises – Council encourages you to firstly speak with the animal’s keeper to make them aware of the problem. If your approach is not successful, you can report the problem to Council. Following investigations and reporting, Council will take appropriate action in accordance with the animal management local laws.

Barking Dog Fact Sheets

If you have any other questions regarding the keeping of animals in the town area, please do not hesitate to contact either of the Council Offices on 4621 6600.