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When it comes to extreme weather events in Queensland, it’s not a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when’. Queensland is the most natural disaster impacted state in Australia, exposing our communities and infrastructure to repeated damage. As Queenslanders, we understand the impacts from natural disasters can include such as transport delays, road closures, getting kids from school early, long lines at the petrol station or supermarket, and loss of power or internet connection. And then there are really bad things like flood waters moving toward your house, a loved one unable to get home, and leaving behind pets during evacuation.  You can't control the weather or when the next disaster will hit Queensland, but you can be aware and prepared. Get Ready Queensland helps you to take the steps to protect what’s most important to you.  

Step 1 - Understand your risk

Everyone's disaster risk is different. Where you live determines the types of natural disasters that affect you. Some disasters such as pandemic and heatwave can happen to anyone at any time. To prepare your home or business, the first step is to find out what disasters you are most likely to see and the time of the year they might happen. Then, think about what impact the disaster could have on  you, your family and your property.  

Step 2 - Prepare a Household Emergency Plan

Things to think about when making your plan; Where will you go if you need to vacate? How will you get away? Are you ready to evacuate if you are not home? How much stuff can you take? 

Step 3 - Pack an Emergency Kit

Having an emergency kit is step 3 to Get Ready. Natural disasters can cause your home to lose power (electricity), water and gas. You also may not be able to get to a supermarket or pharmacy for supplies. Prepare an emergency kit and store it somewhere safe so you have the things you need during and after a natural disaster.

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  • Poisons Information Centre - 13 11 26
  • Police Station Tambo - (07)4652 5116 or (07)4652 5117 or Police Link 131 444
  • Police Station Blackall - (07) 4652 5151 or 4652 5150 Police Link 131 444
  • State Emergency Services (SES) - 13 25 00
  • Tambo Primary Health Centre - (07) 4621 7100
  • Blackall Hospital - (07) 4650 7700

Phone Directory


  • Blackall-Tambo Regional Council - (07) 4621 6600
  • Director of Works - 0427 574 298

Blackall Saleyards & Spelling Facilities

  • David & Deanne Carter - (07) 4657 4887 or 0428 574 887

State Emergency Services

  • Blackall - 132500
  • Tambo - 132500


ImageFire Location Queensland

Residents can stay informed about Vegetation fires in Queensland with the FREE fire location App for iPhone

This App allows the user to determine their distance from a vegetation fire in Queensland and includes important information such as WATCH and ACT

messages via data sourced directly from Queensland Fire and Rescue (QFES)

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