Development Applications Register

Under Section 736 of the Sustainable Planning Act 2009, Council is required to publish on its website the following information about each development application made to the local government as assessment manager:

  • The day the application was made,
  • The applicant's name and address,
  • A description of the property,
  • A description of the proposed development,
  • Whether the application requires code or impact assessment or both, and
  • Whether public notification of the application is required.

Council may also publish information relating to each development application including:

  • The names of the referral agencies for the development application, and
  • The day the development application was decided and whether it was approved, approved subject to conditions or refused.

Development Applicaitons Updated 22.08.2022

Decision Notices and Approved Plans
Decision Date  Development Type  Address Notices/Plans 
08/02/2019 Reconfiguring a Lot  129/135 Shamrock Street Blackall  Decision 
20/02/2019 Operational work for drilling a bore for stock water 6026 Tumbar Road Blackall Lot MX40 Decision 
04/04/2019 Operational work for a stock water bore  Benlidi Idalia Road Blackall Lot 3 on MTL99 Decision 
04/04/2019 Operational work for a sub-artesian water bore for stock 8490 Mount Playfair Road Caldervale 1WYR21;2WYR21;3YR17 Decision 
12/06/2019 Operational work for drilling of a new Artesian Communal Water Supply fore for Tambo to replace exisitng which is malfunctioning William Street Tambo Lot 51 on TB229 Decision 
29/07/2019 Reconfiguring a lot 1 into 2 subdivison 

Aerodrome Road Blackall 

11 on SP297055

26/07/2019 Operational work for sub-artesian bore for stock  Tumbar Road Lot 1 SP282175 Decision 
31/07/2019 Material Change use for a storage facility  1 Banksia Street Blackall Lot 21 SP210376 Decision 
09/10/2019 Operational work for stock water bore  11030 Alpha Tambo Road Windeyer  Decision 
08/01/2020 Operational work for drilling a new bore  Dawson Develoopmental Road Windeyer  Decision 
07/02/2020 Oeprational work for a water bore for stock and domestic use  4147 Ward Raod Lansdowne 200 Woolga Road Lansdowne Ward Road Lansdowne  Decision 
10/06/2020 Amalgamating two lots described as Lot 1 on SP309900 and lot 3 on RP886772 125 Shamrock Street Blackall  Decision 
10/07/2020 Material Change of Use for a Mechanical Workshop  7 Mulberry Street Blackall  Decision 
22/09/2020 Operational Work for Sub-Artesian bore 1330 Neverfail Road Blackall  Decision 
20/09/2020 Operational Work for bore for stock and domestic purposes  56 Stockade Road Yandarlo  Decision 
08/12/2020 Bore for stock and domestic puposes  1630 Mount Macquarie Road MacFarlane Decision 
17/12/2020 Material Change of use for Visitor Accommodation  Shannendo ah Park 600 Ravensbourne Road Blackall  Decision 
22/01/2021 Material Change of use for new dwelling house  Lease A on Lot 1 TB 198 Decision 
29/03/2021 Request to Change Material of Use Extension to accommodation building aged care facility/resiential care facility and retirement facility  Lot1 on SP318666 Decision 
06/04/2021 Request to Change Material of Use retirement facility and residential care facility  Lot 1 on SP318666 Decision 
21/04/2021 Material Change of Use Retriement facility and residential care facility  Lot 1 on SP318666 Decision 
06/04/2021 Operational work for hte construction of an Artesian water bore for stock purposes Lot 5 TB149 Decision 
28/05/2021 Operational work for take of underground water by construction and use of an Artesian bore for domestic supply 434 Old Augathella Road Yandarlo Lot 9 on NV8 Decision 
17/06/2021 Operational Work for bore drilling for stock and domestic supply 539 Melrose Thornleigh Road Blackall Lot3 on MTL25 Decision 
16/08/2021 Workshop & Storage Shed for welding & industrial supplies  Lot28 on SP210376 23 Violet Street Blackall  Decision 
20/08/2021 Operational Work to drill a bore  Lot9 on TA228275-32236 Landsborough Highway Blackall  Decision 
20/09/2021 Subdivision 4 lots into 5 New road and Access Easement  Lot2 RP605624, Lot2 SP293537, Lot1 SP293537, Lot1 Sp197795 Decision 
19/10/2021 Operational work for 1 bore for stock water  3118 Langlo Road Minnie Downs Lot3 on GW43 Decision 
05/10/2021 Operational work for drilling of a bore for cattle use  Lot6 WYR19 21309 Dawson Developmental Raod  Decision 
18/01/2022 Material Change of Use Short term accommodations 13 Cabins  Lot1 RP616018, 36 Shamrock Street Blackall  Decision 
24/02/2022 Reconfiguring a lot Boundary Realignment  Lot1 & 2 N SP322476 Decision 
18/02/2022 Operational Work for the construciton of an Artesian bore for stock purposes  Lot2 TB68 1736 Romulas Road Blackall  Decision 
18/03/2022 Operational Work for the construciton of six 6 Artesian bores for stock purposes  Lot8 TB278 399 Rosclare Road Windeyer  Decision 
08/04/2022 Caravan Park with Managers house/ROL 1 Lot into 2 Lots  Lot1 on CP900484 Decision 
14/04/2022 Operational Work for the constuction of one 1 Artesian bore for stock watering purposes on stock route  Lot19 on TB195 Decision 
05/07/2022 Development Permit for Material Change of Use for a Dwelling House  Lot4 on RP603594 Decision 
11/07/2022 Development Permit for Material Change of Use for a short term accommodatin  Lot1 on RP817732 Decision