Please use this link to view the policy for the Blackall and Tambo Cemeteries.


Cemeteries - Local Law 1 (Administration) 2010 | Suborinate Local Law 1 (Administration) Schedule 15 - Operations of Cemeteries 

Blackall-Tambo Regional Council Regulatory Fees and Commercial Charges.


Price Including GST $ 

Internment Fees 


Preparation of Grave - working day 


Preparation of Grave - weekends and public holidays


Exhumation of human remains 

Actual cost + GST

Other works/request to be dealt with on a case by case basis and upon application 

Actual cost + GST 

Ancillary Charges (Regulatory) 


Permit to erect headstone 


Plaques (Commercial)


Plaque and installation 

Actual + 10% + GST

Plot Fees 


Reservation of a Plot 

$40.00 GST Exemption 

Interment of Ashes 


Internment of ashes - working day 


Internment of ashes - weekends and public holidays ( This fee does not include shade or chairs for graveside services)